Scout Programs

We provide reptile education and entertainment for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts!

Our program is perfect for den or pack meetings, troop meetings, or day camp programs!

We make learning about snakes fun and educational! We bring many different species of non-venomous snakes for the children to view and touch. The children will learn about snake safety in the wild - what to do when you see a snake on an outing or campout.

But we want the kids to have fun, too! We don't just show an animal, talk about it and put it back up. All the kids get to handle all the animals - they are all very safe and friendly!

There are lots of great picture opportunities, so have your camera batteries charged!!

Our snakes are healthy and disease-free. We also bring anti-bacterial (water-free) hand soap for the children to use before and after handling snakes.


Troop/Pack Meetings (Greater Houston area): $225

See our summer camp page for camp rates.

Contact us with questions! We try to work within budgets!